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Wielkie obstawianie drużyn PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - PICK'EM faza pretendentów ×

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  2. Wielkie obstawianie drużyn PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - PICK'EM faza pretendentów Fot: hltv.org - hltv.org/events/4866/pgl-major-stockholm-2021 PRZEDSTAWIAMY SWOJE TYPY! CZAS START!!!!
  3. Wszystkie serwery zostały zaktualizowane - (version 1361) Update Najnowsza wersja SourceMod 1.10 - build 6519 stable Została dodana na wszystkie serwery CSW
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  6. Fot: epicgames.com Pakiet Epic Paladins 119 zł Bezpłatne Wyprzedaż kończy się 21.10.2021 o 17:00 Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse 69 zł Bezpłatne Wyprzedaż kończy się 21.10.2021 o 17:00
  7. Description: Now sending commands to server from discord chat is real! First of all we need to create bot here. Give needed perms and then invite it. to server. Then create 2 text channels in discord: 1. For sending commands 2. To read output of commands Later we will take ID of these channels and paste in config. Important: - in channel for sending commands, every message will be sent to server as command, so better hide channel from others - unfortunately, not every output will be available in discord because of buffer limit - don't even think to make same channel for sending commands and outputs After loading plugin, if bot will send message to discord as "READY FOR COMMANDS", then we are ready to go. Some screenshots: If you get problems on installing, write it on comments and maybe i will make a wiki later. ConVars: HTML Code: "sm_cts_bot_token - Bot token "sm_cts_command_channel_id - Channel id to write commands "sm_cts_output_channel - Channel id where bot will send output of commands "sm_cts_server_id" - ID of your Server There is a config file in cfg/sourcemod/command_to_server.cfg Requirements: Rest In Pawn 1.3 Discord API Download: GitHub Release Source Zobacz cały wpis
  8. Description: This should be installed only when needed. Plugin written at pre-TLS time, and bug may be already patched / or not. Sometimes tanks are not appearing on finale map, because "Panic" stage get stucked. This plugin allows to set timeout (see ConVar) for Panic stage waiting the tank to appear. If that doesn't happen, plugin forcibly call the next stage and director automatically spawns the tank as it normally should. Plugin code has heavily logging, which can be activated by changing this line to 1: #define DEBUG 1 Log location: addons/sourcemod/logs/stage.log Commands:They are only available by recompiling plugin with #define DEBUG 1 PHP Code: // Prints current stage index and time passed. "sm_stage" // Forcibly call the next stage. "sm_nextstage" Settings (ConVars): PHP Code: // Timeout (in sec.) for finale panic stage waiting for tank to appear, otherwise stage forcibly changed l4d_finale_stage_fix_panicstage_timeout "60" Dependency: - Left 4 DHooks Direct by SilverShot Compatibility - L4D2 only (no stage change forwards for L4D1). Thanks - dr lex - for the request DonateDonates are very appreciated and welcomed for further inspiration, make me happy, and make next updates came out more often: - Patreon - BitCoin - Ю.Money Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_finale_stage_fix.sp - 7.2 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  9. Description: Plugin shows in chat how many discord members and how many of them is online in your discord server, discord invite link. The time interval defined by convar. Online count and invite link taken from widget, so you have to enable widget on your discord server. Important note: If you have more than 1000 members, it will show total members as 1000, because of limit in discord. ConVars: "sm_discord_ad_server_id" - Server ID (Guild ID) of your discord server "sm_discord_ad_bot_token" - Bot token to track info from discord server "sm_discord_ad_interval" - How often will add show in chat (seconds). Default: 60.0 Requirements: Rest In Pawn 1.3 Download: GitHub Release Source Wiki: How to setup Bot and guild id GitHub Wiki Zobacz cały wpis
  10. Darius Finlay - Meant To Be Official Music Video Shouse - Love Tonight David Guetta Remix Ummet Ozcan x Le Shuuk Toast Hawaii Official Music Video Young Leosia - Jungle Girl feat. Żabson Young Thug 2 Chainz Wiz Khalifa PnB Rock Gang Up The Fate of the Furious The Album Tiësto Karol G - Dont Be Shy Skytech X DJ KUBA NEITAN Remix HQ Audio
  11. Witam Mam do sprzedania sieć cs-fang https://cs-fang.pl + discord Forum opłacone na rok, serwey cs:go z pluginami pisanymi na zamówienie. Więcej informacji na priv
  12. TUZZA kocykNd- - 182 aaaaakoxaaaaa - 167 worth1ess - 147 GRATULACJE!!!
  13. †εvιl™ R4D1US - 0d 06:47h rzybJadalny WOTRIX - 0d 05:07h ESL PO LO - 0d 04:04h GRATULACJE!!!
  14. OTAKOOAIM 𝓓𝒾𝑒𝑔𝑜 𝒮𝒽 - 0d 03:43h OTAKOOAIM 𝓃𝓉' - 0d 03:35h eWrons Amadeuszovsky - 0d 02:12h GRATULACJE!!!
  15. ☁Akatsuki ☁ AYWOKI - 45 ハリネズミ - 24 BigDickBoy - 23 GRATULACJE!!!
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