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  2. Description: This plugin will force someone to type in all uppercase characters. Original plugin by MasterOfTheXP. I only cleaned up the code and changed a few things. Requirements: [Any] Chat-Processor Commands:sm_caps <#userid|name>: (Kick) Forces a player to type in all uppercase characters. Use again to disable. sm_capslock <#userid|name>: (Kick) Forces a player to type in all uppercase characters. Use again to disable. Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (trolecaps_cp.sp - 2.1 KB) trolecaps_cp.smx (5.4 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
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  4. Prevents doors from being blocked by: Players standing in the way Players spamming +use on them NPCs closing them Weapons and other physics props When a door is jammed it will briefly appear translucent and allow players to walk thru it. Download: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-door-protect/releases Source code: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-door-protect Full info: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-door-protect#readme Zobacz cały wpis
  5. Allows you to snatch props carried by other players Download: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-ite...ching/releases Source code: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-item-snatching Info:: https://github.com/dysphie/nmrih-item-snatching#readme Zobacz cały wpis
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  7. Description Fixes boomer auto teleport whenever hes close enough to ladder. For more details click here Commands PHP Code: /* Patch is enabled by default. Command only for debug purposes */ sm_boomer_ladder_fix_toggle <- Toggles patch (root flag needed) RequiredSourceScrambler Attached Files l4d2_boomer_ladder_fix.txt (830 Bytes) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_boomer_ladder_fix.sp - 929 Bytes) Zobacz cały wpis
  8. about Slow the game time when you do high value kill, all kill weight ratio configuration Completely rewrite from Zed Time To trigger Zed Time, the plugins have Threshold value, Zed Time triggered when you accumulate this amountof kills in a short period of time. When players joined the game, this threshold value require amount also increase you can config amount multiplier of headhost, melee, distance, grenade, pipe bomb, tank, witch, boomer...etc. ConVar Code: // zed time duration zed_time_duration "0.5" // Zed Time enable zed_time_enable "1" // zed time scale of game time zed_time_timescale "0.2" // if kill threshold worth greater than needed and between this time then trigger zed_time_threshold_cooldown "0.2" // to trigger zed time you need kill many zombie on short time, 4 means you need to kill 4 worth value of zombies zed_time_threshold_needed_base "5" // every alive human survivor will increase zed time threshold needed, if 3 human you should kill 7.66(5+2*1.33) unit zombies to trigger zed_time_threshold_needed_increase "1.33" // max distance to apply multiplier worth value // Minimum: "220.000000" zed_time_threshold_distance_max "1200" // if kill distance close to max, multiplier also close to x1.5, nearest is x1 zed_time_threshold_distance_ratio "1.5" // multiplier of grenade launcher kill zed_time_threshold_grenade_ratio "0.5" // worth value multiplier of headshot zed_time_threshold_headshot_ratio "1.5" // multiplier of melee kill zed_time_threshold_melee_ratio "1.16" // if zombie kill by pipe bomb, the kill worth multiply this value // Default: "0.85" zed_time_threshold_piped_ratio "0.85" // multiplier of boomer death zed_time_threshold_boomer_ratio "1.33" // multiplier of charger death zed_time_threshold_charger_ratio "1.5" // multiplier of hunter death zed_time_threshold_hunter_ratio "1.25" // multiplier of jockey death zed_time_threshold_jockey_ratio "1.25" // multiplier of smoker death zed_time_threshold_smoker_ratio "1.33" // multiplier of spitter death zed_time_threshold_spitter_ratio "1.2" // multiplier of tank death zed_time_threshold_tank_ratio "32" // multiplier of witch death zed_time_threshold_witch_ratio 32" external call (Native Function) call before declare: PHP Code: native int ZedTime(float duration, float timescale); trigger: PHP Code: ZedTime(0, 0); // 0 mean plugin default changelog v1.0 just released credits base idea and rewrite from McFlurry's ZedTime v1.4 and alliedmods wiki sourcepawn document lol Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_zed_time_highlights.sp - 14.5 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  9. Author: Dragokas (idea by rin-ale). Description:Prevents to join the server via temporarily locking the slots down to 1 on specified maps. Specially designed to "walkaround/bypass" L4D custom maps "missing stringtable" crash, happened when somebody join the map in the middle-game. You can use this plugin for developer purposes as well by locking the server via admin commands (slots aren't unlocked automatically in such case on map change). Map list is stored here (add new map names to lock the slots on them):data/mapchanger_stringtable_bugged_maps.txt Specific:Only transitioned players are allowed to start playing that specific maps. Other players can no longer join the server until the map finishes. Slots are hooked in a way preventing other plugins to change the value until map finishes. You can find more information about the crash in the topic: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Sou...es/issues/3451 | https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=305123 Bugged map names could be found in crash logs. See example in above topics. At the moment list contains 13 L4D1 maps. Please, report map names with a such bug to populate the list. TODOThere are more TODOs, intended for security improvements... not listed here for safe. Settings (ConVars):cfg/sourcemod/sm_maplocker.cfg: PHP Code: // Enable this plugin? (1 - Yes, 0 - No) sm_maplocker_enable "1" Commands: ("z" flag) PHP Code: // Lock the map sm_maplock // Unlock the map sm_mapunlock Installation - Unpack and copy everything to addons/sourcemod/ ChangeLog: Spoiler 1.0 (08-Jan-2022) - First commit. DonateDonates are very appreciated and welcomed for further inspiration, make me happy, and make next updates came out more often: - Patreon (Paypal) - BitCoin - Ю.Money Attached Files MapLocker.zip (10.0 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  10. Description: Features: Fixes game bug when health is mixed between players after map transition. Ability to set round start health for all survivors (if you wish so). Settings (ConVars):cfg/sourcemod/l4d_health_preserve.cfg: PHP Code: // Enable this plugin? (1 - Yes, 0 - No) l4d_health_preserve_enable "1" // Health of all survivors on round start (-1 - to preserve, > 0 - to set concrete health) l4d_health_preserve_start_health "-1" // Temp Health of all survivors on round start (-1.0 - to preserve, > 0.0 - to set concrete temp health) l4d_health_preserve_start_temphealth "-1.0" // Revive count of all survivors on round start (-1 - to preserve, 0 - to erase, > 0 is also allowed) l4d_health_preserve_start_revive_count "-1" Commands: PHP Code: // Only available when recompile with #DEBUG 1 // display saved health at last round end sm_health Installation - Compile and put l4d_health_preserve.smx in addons/sourcemod/plugins/ ChangeLog: Spoiler 1.0 (14-Jan-2022) - First commit. DonateDonates are very appreciated and welcomed for further inspiration, make me happy, and make next updates came out more often: - Patreon (Paypal) - BitCoin - Ю.Money Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_health_preserve.sp - 7.3 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
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  12. About: A modern and much more simplistic version of L4D2 - L4D1 Survivors mourn fix, finally resolving the issue through memory patching without resorting to workarounds. With this, L4D1 survivors should be able to mourn each other again and L4D2 survivors will be able to mourn them upon seeing their corpses. Both bug-free. ConVars:real_survivor_mourn_fix-l4d2_ver → Version of the plugin. Installation: Click "Get Plugin" below and put the compiled .smx file in the plugins folder or "Get Source" if you want to compile it yourself (Optional) Download the .txt file and put it in the gamedata folder Changelog: Code: 0.1 (01/12/22) * First release. Attached Files real_survivor_mourn_fix-l4d2.txt (1.3 KB) Get Plugin or Get Source (real_survivor_mourn_fix-l4d2.sp - 4.8 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  13. Formula More than just a Calculator. Sometimes you just want a quick and simple solution. Maybe you'd wish that one ConVar had a dynamic value based on e.g. player count? Or how about executing commands based on some value? This plugin can do that for you. Keep in mind that a custom plugin will always be more performant, but for quick, simple solutions that you can tweak with relative ease, it should be just fine. Formulas The parser for formulas supports plus, minus, negative signum, multiplication, division and modulo as well as grouping, variables and some functions. Grouping can be done with round or square brackets interchangeably, but round brackets might not work from chat in games where valve broke double quotes. Variables can be ConVar (just use the ConVar name), user variables (names start with $) or target selectors (@all for example). For target selectors it will use the number of matches. The following function are currently supported: Code: min(a,b) . . . . . The smaller of two values max(a,b) . . . . . The larget of two values clamp(low,v,high) Short for max(low,min(v,high)) abs(a) . . . . . . The absolute (positive) value round(a) . . . . . Round the value to the next integer ceil(a) . . . . . Round the value up floor(a) . . . . . Round the value down lerp(a,b,t) . . . Linear interpolation of a+t*(b-a) map(x,y,r,s,v) . . Maps v from the range [x,y] to the range [r,s] rand(a,b) . . . . Random value between [a,b) if(c,t,f) . . . . Conditional, returning t if c > 0, f otherwise In addition to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo (remainder) you can also compare values logically using <,<=,=,>=,>,<> with the last one being inequality. These comparisons will result in 1.0 if the equation holds, and 0.0 if it doesnt. While you could use multiplication and addition to logically chain conditions, it's easier to use & for 'x and y' and | for 'x or y'. Especially using the following operation precedence, it makes writing conditions a lot more convenient (order first to last): Parentheses Multiplication, Division and Modulo Addition, Subtraction Comparisons (<,<=,=,>=,>,<>) Conjunction (and) and Disjunction (or) As a small little bonus the parser will also handle dice notation with syntax int'd'int, rolling a die with the right-hand number of pips left-hand times. 1d20 would give a value from 1 to 20; 3d4 would give 3 to 12 or round(rand(1,4))+round(rand(1,4))+round(rand( 1,4)). Configs The point after all, was to automatically set ConVars. Currently the format is pretty simple, for each trigger, specify filters, formulas and commands like this: PHP Code: "formula" { "trigger" { "output1" "formula1" "output2" "formula2" "filter" { "condition1" { "output3" "formula3" "exec" "command1" } } } } There are a hand full of triggers by default, the will update all outputs with their associated formula. These are OnMapStart, OnFormulasReloaded, OnRoundStart, OnPlayerJoined, OnPlayerParted, OnPlayerSpawn, OnPlayerDeath, EveryMinute, but this list can be expanded by plugins. The difference between OnMapStart and OnFormulasReloaded is that the former only executes once a map, while the later executes whenever the configs for this plugin are reloaded. This means if you initialize variables in OnMapStart you can tweak and reload the formulas without resetting values. In addition to these default triggers there's also one default variable that will update automatically, and that's $edicts. While this plugin itself does not give entity count based triggers, this number might be helpful for other stuff as well. Within filter you can list multiple blocks that will only trigger, if the condition the the name evaluates &gt;0. For example you could "filter" { "$maptime>=5" { "mp_autoteambalance" "if(@all>=10,1,0)" } } to set auto team balance if there are 10 or more players but only after minute 5 (inclusive). You can also execute server commands. Instead of a cvar name just put exec and the command as value. The commands support math context similar to /mathexec. Put math expressions between pund signs (#) to evaluate them. If you need integer values, round() them and decimals will not be appended. With this you could for example sm_slap @all #round[rand[0,1]]#. This will not work for setting convars unless you use the command sm_cvar! Besides a default.cfg config, you can create configs for every map (mapname.cfg). The configs should be located in your sourcemod directory under /configs/formula/. Commands Use sm_assign <output> <formula> or sm_formula <output> <formula> to compute values and store the result in the output. Outputs can be $variables that can be used by other formulas again, or ConVars. Because this command can read and set ConVars, it requires the RCon admin-flag. You can use sm_eval <formula> or sm_calc <formula> to compute values, the result is displayed to you. This is available to all players, but only players with the RCon admin-flag can use ConVars! Another command is sm_mathexec <commands>. This is the command equivalent to exec entries in the config. You can specify math expressions within pound signs (#) to be evaluated. If you have the cvar admin flag you can use ConVar names as variables within those expressions. After evaluation the command will be run as client (unless called through server console), so permissions should be honored. If you need a literal # you can double it up as with the config. The example from above would now look something like sm_mathexec sm_slap @all #round[rand[0,1]]# There's a set of commands similar to SourceMods plugin commands for managing configs. sm_formula_list will show all known and loaded configs. Names usually stick around until map change. sm_formula_load <name> will load a config if not already loaded. sm_formula_reload will nuke and reload default and map configs. sm_formula_reload <name> will only reload the specified config. sm_formula_unload will completely unload all configs. sm_formula_unload <name> will only unload the specified config. Specify the config names relative to the sourcemod/configs/formula/ directory. You can specify and organize configs in sub folders but don't add the .cfg extension for the commands. Unloading config will keep all user variables set by the config in memory until map change. These commands require the config admin flag (This should come as no surprise, you're un-/reloading configs here). Plugins Not only can other plugins add triggers, they can also add calculations to triggers, listen to and manipulate user variables or simply use the math expression evaluator. As plugin dev, please register your triggers before OnMapStart and fire your triggers after OnMapStart. That's because the configs for this plugin are loading OnMapStart. Future ideas I don't know if or when I might implement these ideas, but it might be fun to: let other plugins add custom function for the math parser Example PHP Code: "formula" { // reduce gravity as game goes on "OnMapStart" { "sv_gravity" "800" "$maptime" "0" } "EveryMinute" { "$maptime" "$maptime+1" "sv_gravity" "map(0,mp_timelimit,800,100,$maptime)" } // half mvm damage when there are less than 7 players "OnPlayerJoined" { "tf_populator_health_multiplier" "if(@all>6,1,0.5)" "tf_populator_damage_multiplier" "if(@all>6,1,0.5)" } "OnPlayerParted" { "tf_populator_health_multiplier" "if(@all>6,1,0.5)" "tf_populator_damage_multiplier" "if(@all>6,1,0.5)" } } Dependencies No special dependencies, but chat colors will probably break in CSGO Download Get it on GitHub Zobacz cały wpis
  14. About: Apparently, the 4 dialogue criteria mentioned above would only work if and only if the current survivor set used in a map is the L4D1 crew in which said condition seemed redundant since the L4D1 survivors had already been accessible by any means. I'm surprised no one has ever noticed it until now. Hopefully, Valve will notice and include this in the future updates, if not the next one. ConVars:l4d1_distto_criteria_fix-l4d2_ver → Version of the plugin. Installation: Click "Get Plugin" below and put the compiled .smx file in the plugins folder or "Get Source" if you want to compile it yourself (Optional) Download the .txt file and put it in the gamedata folder Changelog: Code: 0.1 (01/10/22) * First release. Attached Files l4d1_distto_criteria_fix-l4d2.txt (784 Bytes) Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d1_distto_criteria_fix-l4d2.sp - 4.4 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  15. This plugin will return the reason for the player disconnected on the server side. This will not fix the client-side player exit reason (player exit panel) Installation: disconnect_msg.smx -> /addons/sourcemod/plugins disconnect_msg.txt -> /addons/sourcemod/gamedata Zobacz cały wpis
  16. about The Leaker Boomer is game cutted content of Special Infected, wiki here when he explode then drop fire on ground and make survivor deaf i want to enable it on game again but i dont known how to detect, until today i seen silvers's post ConVar Code: // is leaker boomer spawn as boomette model // - // Default: "1" leaker_boomette "1" // leaker boomer spawn chance, 17 is 17% mean spawn 1 in 6 // - // Default: "17" // Minimum: "0.000000" // Maximum: "100.000000" leaker_chance "17" // leaker boomer health, charger is 600, 0:disable feature // - // Default: "600" leaker_health "600" changelog v1.0 just released Attached Files Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d2_leaker_boomer.sp - 2.2 KB) Zobacz cały wpis
  17. Idea comes from Counter Strike Online Human Supply boxes They contain several types of weapons or items inside, depending on the cvar you set. Video: -Convar- cfg\sourcemod\l4d2_supply_woodbox.cfg PHP Code: // 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on. l4d2_supply_woodbox_allow "1" // Changes how Supply box hint displays. (0: Disable, 1:In chat, 2: In Hint Box, 3: In center text) l4d2_supply_woodbox_announce_type "3" // Set the life time for Supply box. l4d2_supply_woodbox_box_life "180" // The default Supply box color. Three values between 0-255 separated by spaces. RGB Color255 - Red Green Blue. (empty=disable) l4d2_supply_woodbox_color "0 145 200" // If 1, still dorp supply box in final stage rescue l4d2_supply_woodbox_drop_final "0" // Max Supply boxes that could drop once. l4d2_supply_woodbox_drop_max "2" // Min Supply boxes that could drop once. l4d2_supply_woodbox_drop_min "1" // The default Supply box glow range. l4d2_supply_woodbox_glow_range "1800" // Item chance to drop Weapons/Melee/Medic/Throwable/Others, separate by commas (no spaces), the sum of 5 value must be 100 l4d2_supply_woodbox_item_chance "30,5,45,15,5" // Time in seconds to remove item if no one picks up after it drops from box (0=off) l4d2_supply_woodbox_item_life "60" // Max Items that could drop in woodbox. l4d2_supply_woodbox_item_max "4" // Min Items that could drop in woodbox. l4d2_supply_woodbox_item_min "2" // Set the limit for Supply box spawned by the plugin. l4d2_supply_woodbox_limit "6" // Turn off the plugin in these maps, separate by commas (no spaces). (0=All maps, Empty = none). l4d2_supply_woodbox_map_off "" // Turn on the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = all). l4d2_supply_woodbox_modes "" // Turn off the plugin in these game modes, separate by commas (no spaces). (Empty = none). l4d2_supply_woodbox_modes_off "" // Turn on the plugin in these game modes. 0=All, 1=Coop, 2=Survival, 4=Versus, 8=Scavenge. Add numbers together. l4d2_supply_woodbox_modes_tog "5" // Supply Box - Drop sound file (relative to to sound/, empty=random helicopter sound, -1: disable) l4d2_supply_woodbox_soundfile "" // Set the max spawn time for Supply box drop. l4d2_supply_woodbox_time_max "80" // Set the min spawn time for Supply box drop. l4d2_supply_woodbox_time_min "60" // Supply box model type, 1: wood_crate001a, 2: wood_crate001a_damagedMAX, 3: wood_crate002a (0=random) l4d2_supply_woodbox_type "1" -Change Log- Code: v1.0 (2022-1-9) - Initial release - Add convars to turn off this plugin - Random box model available - Item chance to drop Weapons/Melee/Medic/Throwable/Others - Custom sound - Detect custom melee and spawn - Translation Support - Supply box life time - Remove item if no one picks up after it drops from box after a while v0.0 - Original author by Lux -Requirements-Left 4 DHooks Direct -Installation-Download the .zip and extract the files to their respective folders in your servers \addons\sourcemod\ folder. -Related Plugins-CSO Zombie Regeneration Back 4 Blood Item hint Improved -Edit Github- Latest version always here Attached Files l4d2_supply_woodbox.zip (1.11 MB) Zobacz cały wpis
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