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SRCDS doesn't automatically download workshop maps


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I have a dedicated server hosted on my linux server computer. It's been working great for years.

For modding purposes, I wanted to set up a dedicated server on my windows pc. I want the server to launch a workshop map. But I have a problem. Whenever I specify that the server should run on a workshop map, I cannot join the server.

I checked the csgo/maps directory and the "workshop" folder is missing. It seems that the server never downloads the workshop map.

I can work around this by creating a symbolic link from my steam folder to the server folder. Then it works.

From: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps\workshop
To: E:\csgo-ds\csgo\maps\workshop

So to summarize, it seems that the dedicated server is unable to automatically download the workshop map that it needs for the server to run properly. As I result, the client cannot connect to the server.

I want to understand why. Here's my server starting script:


srcds -game csgo ^
-console ^
-usercon ^
+game_type 1 ^
+game_mode 0 ^
+mapgroup mg_armsrace ^
+map ar_shoots ^
+sv_setsteamaccount HIDDEN^
-net_port_try 1 ^
-authkey HIDDEN^
-tickrate 128 ^
-condebug ^
+host_workshop_collection HIDDEN^
+workshop_start_map HIDDEN


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