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[TF2] Riot Gamemode Manager - v1.0.0 (21/11/2021)


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Manage multiple gamemodes, along with their respective maps, with a "rock the vote"-style voting system. This is on top of a plugin management system based on thesupremecommander's Gamemode Manager. With this plugin, you are equipped with a quality of life tool enabling you to present players with a unique experience; this allows for varied gamemode selections without having to manually change mapcycles, plugins, configs, etc. Create a fun multi-gamemode experience for your server and community.

Only tested game(s) are: Team Fortress 2
! Utilises SteamWorks for some game description functionality !

# Installation #
  1. Download latest release or source files (Optional: SteamWorks)
  2. Extract all files into the 'sourcemod/' folder
  3. Change the rgm.gamemodes.cfg file to include all your gamemodes and maps.
  4. Restart your server or execute command sm plugins load rgm
  5. Change the ConVars in the automatically generated config file in /cfg/sourcemod
!! NOTE !! mapcycle will be utilised by the plugin. This plugin will automatically change/edit the mapcycle file in order to ensure correct maps are loaded/listed when doing any map-related changes like a normal RTV vote. Altering the file without disabling this plugin will not work properly.

# Commands #

Admin Commands
Visit https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Overridi...ess_(Sourcemod) for changing command permissions.

sm_forcergm [gamemode] [map] (sm_frgm) - Displays a menu with all available gamemodes and respective maps; alternatively will force a gamemode and map change when parameters are specified. [Default Perm: CONFIG]

sm_forcertg (sm_frtg) - Forces a Rock the Game vote for all players on the server. [Default Perm: VOTE]

sm_reloadrgm - Reload the Riot Gamemode Manager Config. [Default Perm: CONFIG]

sm_togglergm - Toggle whether the Gamemode Manager is enabled or not. [Default Perm: CONFIG] *Untested*

sm_rgmdebug - Shows current status of the plugin [Default Perm: CONFIG] *Debugging Command*

Player Commands

sm_rtg - Votes for Rock the Game. Alternatively players can type rtg in chat. (Mimics Rock the Vote)
# Dependencies, Contributions, and Thanks #

Utilises SteamWorks for Game Description Overriding and thus is required for compiling.
Requires More Colors by Dr.McKay to compile.
Thanks to 'thesupremecommander' for the original gamemode management system Gamemode Manager.

Download and Source (GitHub)

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