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[L4D2] Zed Time with Highlight Kill System


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Slow the game time when you do high value kill, all kill weight ratio configuration
Completely rewrite from Zed Time

To trigger Zed Time, the plugins have Threshold value, Zed Time triggered when you accumulate this amountof kills in a short period of time.

When players joined the game, this threshold value require amount also increase

you can config amount multiplier of headhost, melee, distance, grenade, pipe bomb, tank, witch, boomer...etc.



// zed time duration
zed_time_duration "0.5"

// Zed Time enable
zed_time_enable "1"

// zed time scale of game time
zed_time_timescale "0.2"

// if kill threshold worth greater than needed and between this time then trigger
zed_time_threshold_cooldown "0.2"

// to trigger zed time you need kill many zombie on short time, 4 means you need to kill 4 worth value of zombies
zed_time_threshold_needed_base "5"

// every alive human survivor will increase zed time threshold needed, if 3 human you should kill 7.66(5+2*1.33) unit zombies to trigger
zed_time_threshold_needed_increase "1.33"

// max distance to apply multiplier worth value
// Minimum: "220.000000"
zed_time_threshold_distance_max "1200"

// if kill distance close to max, multiplier also close to x1.5, nearest is x1
zed_time_threshold_distance_ratio "1.5"

// multiplier of grenade launcher kill
zed_time_threshold_grenade_ratio "0.5"

// worth value multiplier of headshot
zed_time_threshold_headshot_ratio "1.5"

// multiplier of melee kill
zed_time_threshold_melee_ratio "1.16"

// if zombie kill by pipe bomb, the kill worth multiply this value
// Default: "0.85"
zed_time_threshold_piped_ratio "0.85"

// multiplier of boomer death
zed_time_threshold_boomer_ratio "1.33"

// multiplier of charger death
zed_time_threshold_charger_ratio "1.5"

// multiplier of hunter death
zed_time_threshold_hunter_ratio "1.25"

// multiplier of jockey death
zed_time_threshold_jockey_ratio "1.25"

// multiplier of smoker death
zed_time_threshold_smoker_ratio "1.33"

// multiplier of spitter death
zed_time_threshold_spitter_ratio "1.2"

// multiplier of tank death
zed_time_threshold_tank_ratio "32"

// multiplier of witch death
zed_time_threshold_witch_ratio 32"

external call (Native Function)
call before declare:
PHP Code:

native int ZedTime(float durationfloat timescale); 

PHP Code:

ZedTime(00); // 0 mean plugin default 

v1.0 just released

base idea and rewrite from McFlurry's ZedTime v1.4
and alliedmods wiki sourcepawn document lol

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